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Personalized Writing Workshops with D.K. Drake
for Authors Ages 8-18


Do you wish you knew how to craft captivating stories people love and understand? 

Would you like to share those stories with confidence? 

Do you want to learn the fail-proof way to transition from reader to writer in three simple steps before the end of 2022?

I know what it feels like to be obsessed with reading fiction and creating stories and dreaming up fantastic fantasy worlds but have no idea how to transform those ideas into readable stories others would understand and enjoy.

Imagine if you could work with a published author to develop your idea as well as write and edit your story so that you can be certain it’s readable, relatable and ready to publish. 

That’s why I created my writing mentor program where I teach you how to start, finish and edit your first publish-worthy short story through a series of personalized writing workshops with me.
Through a series of three personalized writing workshops, you will learn to write a story using a proven framework and entertain your friends with ease.

All 2022 Slots are Currently Filled.

Workshops to Resume
in 2023.


I am excited to help you get that story out of your head and onto the page.


Workshop 1

During this session, we’ll develop the foundation for your story.  You’ll walk away knowing the purpose of your story, the main characters, the basic plot line and the general setting.

Then before the second workshop, you’ll write a summary of your story to prepare for the outline phase.

Workshop 2

During this session, we’ll build the frame for your story.  You’ll walk away knowing the major steps of the entire story so that you are equipped to get your first draft written.

And you’ll have a deadline to get the story done because you’ll need to bring it with you to workshop number three.

Workshop 3

In this final session, we’ll revise your story.  First drafts are SUPPOSED to be bad, so here you’ll learn how to take you bad first draft and revise it to make it BETTER.

And if you put in the work and revise it until it’s publish-worthy, you can see your story featured right here on the blog!



All the November Slots are Filled!