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Dragons exist?

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Javan has to collect how many dragons to dethrone the Absurdly powerful evil king and free the people of zandador?

to keckrick!

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Will Micah's quest end with a dragon...or death?

to earth?

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Can Taliya crack the code and save the baby dragons?

want to know a secret?

D.K. Drake doesn't exist.
I made her up.  Just like I make up the characters in my books.  In other words, D.K. Drake is my pen name.
Why did I choose to write under this pen name?
What do the "D" and "K" stand for?
What is my true identity?
I answer all those questions and more to those who want to be email buddies.

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as for the real me...

I struggled to understand my God-given strength of storytelling when I was a kid despite my wild imagination and creative soul. It wasn’t until I was a senior in college mere months away from graduation that I realized my deep desire to be an author. Then it took another decade or so of struggle to figure out how to bring that dream to life.

Now I want to help you: 
  • Skip the unnecessary struggles I went through
  • Discover that your imagination is a gift God wants to use now, not decades from now
  • Challenge you to think like an author and put creative writing strategies into action

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