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Is today the day you will enter their world and
discover the daring adventures of the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines?

The Dragon Collector

Dragons Exist?

Javan has to collect how many dragons to dethrone the absurdly powerful evil king and free the people of Zandador?

The Dragon Hunter

To Keckrick!

Will Micah’s quest end with a dragon…or death?

The Dragon Protector

To Earth?

Can Taliya crack the code and save the baby dragons?

Explore the Dragon Dimension

The Earthling’s Guide to the Great Rift, the people therein, and all things Dragon Stalkers

Origin of the Great Rift

Find out why God created the Great Rift, what makes each region distinct, and why humans are able to live for centuries in this dimension.

Dragon Stalkers 101

Discover what the four types of Dragon Stalkers are, when they feed, and what makes each type unique.

The Bloodline Heroes

Meet the four main characters from the books who represent each Bloodline.

Random Facts About Random Folks (Coming Soon)

Get to know a random selection of the supporting characters by delving into their profiles.

Dragon Profiles

Learn the names and interesting facts about each dragon that appears in the books.

Things You Never Knew You Wanted to Know

Check out interesting facts and tidbits about the Dragon Dimension.

Engage with Drake

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Want to know a secret?
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That’s it. 

Now lean in. 
Listen closely with your eyes as I’m typing these words with a whisper…

D.K. Drake doesn’t exist.
I made her up. Just like I make up the characters in my books.  In other words, D.K. Drake is my pen name.
Why did I choose to write under this pen name?  
What do the “D” and “K” stand for?
What is my true identity?
I answer all those questions and more to those who want to be email buddies.  
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