D.K. Drake

"The more I write about fantasy adventures, the more excited I become about living my own real adventures as both an athlete and world traveler."

This writing thing is a dream that will not die. I’ve tried to kill it many times before, especially after my very first novel was a stupendous flop. It took me nine years to write that book, and all that effort got me precisely nowhere. So I stopped writing once the book failed to sell.
But that didn’t last. I couldn’t ignore God’s call to keep writing and started writing short stories as a way to improve my craft. During that time, one police officer friend encouraged me to write a story about cops. Another friend pestered me to write a story about dragons.
I wanted to come up with my own story ideas and ignored theirs. But they were persistent. Eventually I caved to the pressure and wrote “Cops, Robbers…and Dragons?”
I had a surprising amount of fun writing that fantastical tale about an author named Darcy who went on a ride-along with a cop in hopes of generating an idea for her next novel. During the course of that evening, they encountered Kenton, a Dragon Collector from another dimension who was hiding out on earth with two of his dragons.  You can read the story for free as part of the D.K. Drake Starter Library.
I received a lot of positive feedback from that story, and that feedback sparked the idea for The Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga. I began writing the Saga in 2013 and have since published three of the four books I envisioned for the series. Book four is currently in the works.