Throwback Thursday: Me at Three

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Throwback Thursday: Me at Three

On Being Three

One of our foster kids is a wild and wonderful three-year-old boy.  He is bursting with energy, and is the only of our our kiddos that wakes up without having to be woken up.  

When he and his sister came to live with us in 2017, she was three.  At first she didn’t say much, but that soon changed, and she became quite the sassy little miss who never ran out of things to say.  

Pondering who those two were/are at the age of three had me wondering what I was like at that age.  I thus found a pic of me at three and have posted it to the right.  I don’t remember anything about me at that age, but I sure did look cute!


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  1. Janice Schaefer says:

    You were and still are very cute ( more very pretty now). Of course you were also a perfect child…

    From your mom

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