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Newsy Tuesday

February 9, 2021

February News: 2021


In the waiting room with my mom before heading in to have my heart zapped.


Newsy Tuesday

A COVID Quarantine, an Ablated Heart, and a Two-Mile Run

On the final day of 2020, I experienced my first COVID test.  Having a swab stuck up my nostrils and swirled about was not pleasant, but it was only a temporary annoyance as both the rapid and “send-away” tests were negative.

Not so for one sister I live with.  We banished her to the basement (where her huge room is) and stayed away from her for ten days until she was no longer contagious.  

The other sister I live with was struggling from bronchitis and a weakened immune system due to chemo treatments, so she was banished to her room.  That left me as the last one standing to care for our four foster kiddos who weren’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything with anyone.

That’s how 2021 began…in quarantine mode.

We survived it, though, and did so without anyone else in the family contracting the virus. 

Then on January 28, I had a health issue of my own to deal with.  Since my heart has been having an abundance of premature ventricular contractions that tended to throw my heart into v-tach, I had a cardiac ablation.

The doc found two separate “pathways” that were misbehaving by throwing out those extra beats and zapped them.  The procedure was deemed a success, and I was told I could FINALLY “ease back into running” on February 5.

I am still wearing a heart monitor that has to stay on me until February 11, so I took it easy on my first run of the year this past Friday.  I conquered two miles and could have gone further but made myself stop as I don’t want to push too hard too fast.   

And with all that going on, I didn’t make much forward progress with The Dragon Destroyer in January.

Here’s praying February will be less eventful and more productive!

Feeling good after being able to run again!


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