As fantasy author DK Drake, my mission is to bring you entertaining, engaging, wholesome adventures too packed with action to leave room for eye-rolling sappiness or mind-numbing fluff.
As a creative writing coach, my mission is to help authors find their voice, craft captivating stories, and finish book after book.

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Write Stories that are Met with the Silence of Awe

Once upon a time, in a world where narratives served as the currency, a young woman named Seraphine found herself in the heart of a great predicament. The world was on the verge of a narrative drought. Stories were becoming repetitive, losing their originality, and the once vibrant Story Market was losing its luster. The world was in dire need of a new tale – a story so compelling and unique that it could rejuvenate the fading world of stories.

January 21, 2024

lake and mountain

The Author DK Drake Show

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