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Fantasy Fiction Friday: Chapter 20 of The Dragon Collector

[] Author DK Drake Reads Chapter 20 of The Dragon Collector, an Action Adventure Fantasy In today’s Fantasy Fiction Friday episode, I’m coming at you with chapter 20 of The Dragon Collector, book one of the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga. Before I wrote this chapter, I created a historical timeline of all the kings of…
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Fantasy Fiction Friday: Chapter 19 of The Dragon Collector

[] Author DK Drake Reads Chapter 19 of The Dragon Collector, a YA Fantasy Novel Ready for a fun Fantasy Fiction Friday episode?  Moving forward on Fridays, I’ll be reading you snippets of The Dragon Collector, book one of the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga, and sharing behind the scenes insider secrets along the way. In…
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21 Storytelling Episodes Featuring The Dragon Collector

Podcast Episodes 6-26 Listen to a chapter at a time Includes Prologue – Chapter 18 of The Dragon Collector included in the storytelling blitz An Insider Tip from Author DK Drake is included in each episode 21 Storytelling Episodes Featuring The Dragon Collector   Prologue I: Rescue the Newborn   Prologue II: Javan’s Seventh Birthday…
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A Dream that Started 14 Years Ago Continues in a Fresh New Direction

“No, I’m not changing genres again.  I like being DK and writing fantasy stories about dragons.  What I am shifting is my podcast focus.  I’m hitting pause on Rise from Stuck and starting fresh with Published Before College, a podcast for creative kids and avid readers who want to learn how to tell great stories.”…
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Sneak Peak at the New Look!

New Covers! These covers will debut on Amazon next week to celebrate the seventh anniversary of The Dragon Collector’s publication date.  Shout out to cover designer Karri Klawiter for stunning work on creating these covers!

Throwback Thursday: Montana 2015

Montana Adventures Javan grew up in Montana, so I was excited to visit his home state for the first time in 2015. My sister and I went to a Wilderness Medicine conference where I learned some cool things that have found their way into the stories.  I also got a better feel for what life…
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February News: 2021

    Newsy Tuesday A COVID Quarantine, an Ablated Heart, and a Two-Mile Run On the final day of 2020, I experienced my first COVID test.  Having a swab stuck up my nostrils and swirled about was not pleasant, but it was only a temporary annoyance as both the rapid and “send-away” tests were negative.…
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Throwback Thursday: Me at Three

On Being Three One of our foster kids is a wild and wonderful three-year-old boy.  He is bursting with energy, and is the only of our our kiddos that wakes up without having to be woken up.   When he and his sister came to live with us in 2017, she was three.  At first she…
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December News

Re-Imagining Krystyn…and Life in General Ahh!  It’s December.  I should be partnering with other authors to bring you great deals on great stories to give for Christmas (or read for yourself).   But the truth is I have no fun promotions for you this month.  Here’s why. First of all, I am in the process of…
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Throwback Thursday: Germany 2009

LIfe Goal achieved!   One of my life just-for-fun life goals was to ride a bike in Germany.  I lived that dream in a small town outside of Berlin during a trip to Europe in 2009.  We stayed at a hotel near a lake, and the hotel had bikes for guests to ride.  My buddies…
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