As fantasy author DK Drake, my mission is to bring you entertaining, engaging, wholesome adventures too packed with action to leave room for eye-rolling sappiness or mind-numbing fluff.
As a creative writing coach, my mission is to help authors find their voice, craft captivating stories, and finish book after book.

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Write Stories that are Met with the Silence of Awe

Once upon a time, in a world where narratives served as the currency, a young woman named Seraphine found herself in the heart of a great predicament. The world was on the verge of a narrative drought. Stories were becoming repetitive, losing their originality, and the once vibrant Story Market was losing its luster. The world was in dire need of a new tale – a story so compelling and unique that it could rejuvenate the fading world of stories.

January 21, 2024

lake and mountain

The Author DK Drake Show

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The 15 Steps of a Captivating Plot Outline

How do you build a captivating plot outline? How do you make sure that your story, whatever the genre, is cohesive, and that every scene builds on the next to create a great story? Well, you plot your book according to the Save the Cat! process. Listen to the related podcast episode here. I recently […]

June 23, 2023

Story Structure

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Develop Characters That Are Interesting and Realistic

Developing characters is my favorite part of the storytelling process, and I tend to go a bit overboard with creating the backstory for my people. I like knowing where they came from, how they think, and what kinds of experiences they have had prior to jumping into the pages of my stories. But because I’m […]

February 22, 2023

Book Writing Tips, Published Before College Podcast

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Write a Novella in 18 Weeks: Week 2 Writing Plan

Here we are in week 2 of the novella writing process. Last week, we did the foundational market research and sketched our book’s cover. If you need details on those steps, check out week 1’s writing plan. Now in week 2, we’re going to work on three of the four foundational elements of our story: […]

February 14, 2023

Book Writing Tips, Published Before College Podcast

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Wanna Write a Novella? Your 7 Step Writing Plan

Short on time but want to write a novella? If you start today, you can have a book writing win by this summer following this 18-week novella writing plan. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. Besides, writing a novella is great training for novel writing. When I first decided to be a writer, I started by […]

February 7, 2023

female author sitting at a table writing in a book

Book Writing Tips, Published Before College Podcast

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