Things You Never Knew You Wanted to Know

The Official Online Fantasy World of Author D.K. Drake

Storms unlike those on earth occur in the Great Rift.  Here are the top five:

Red Rains: horizontal storms from the ocean compromised of–you guessed it–red water; these red droplets sting when they hit your skin 

Time Traps: time slows down inside these bubbles but passes at a normal rate outside the bubbles; you can get stuck in one of these traps for days or weeks

White Winds: powerful blankets of wind that can throw objects hundreds of miles away 

Tree Tremors: triggered by motion in patches of woods throughout the Dusk Stalker territory, these tremors cause the trees to seem alive; roots reach up from the ground and branches reach down to grab, shake, and choke you

Sanity Strikes: glowing balls that explode, rendering those around it insane for several days

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