Origin of the Great Rift

The Official Online Fantasy World of Author D.K. Drake

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was one large land mass, or supercontinent. The rich oxygen atmosphere allowed mankind to enjoy an average lifespan of 900 years.  Insects grew larger and lived longer.  Four-legged animals like quaggas, snow tigers and mega bears roamed the Asian area.  Mighty beasts like dinosaurs and the most feared, most respected, most speculated about—the mysterious band of Dragon Stalkers—ruled the regions to the south and west of where mankind resided.

Mankind settled in the Middle East.  All spoke the same language, and as generation after generation was born over the span of 1556 years, they grew more and more corrupt.  Their sinfulness and selfish desires turned them away from the God who created them until only one righteous man remained:  Noah.

Angered at man’s defiance, God sent judgment on the earth, but not before giving a hundred-year warning.  While Noah and his family built the ark, gathered representatives of every species of every animal and warned their fellow man, none repented.  So all except Noah and his wife and their three sons and son’s wives perished in the worldwide flood.  So powerful and devastating was the flood that it caused the supercontinent to break apart.

The rains that fell for 40 straight days also changed the atmosphere.  With the decreased levels of oxygen in the post-flood world, God knew many of his animal creatures would not be able to survive.

So in the Great Rift between the Americas and Africa/Europe, He created a new dimension, a dragon dimension, a safe haven for His animals.  The extinct animals of the post-flood earth would reside here, and the dragons would guard the portal so no animals would wander back into the deadly post-flood atmosphere of earth.

This new dragon dimension shared many similarities with Earth.  The sun rules the day, and the moon rules the night.  A 24-hour day in the dragon dimension was the same as a 24-hour day on Earth.  Days, weeks, and months also coincide with those on Earth.

But the atmosphere with its pure and rich oxygen levels allow all living creatures to survive and thrive.  While the aging process occurs and death is an eventual certainty for every creature, lifespans are measured in hundreds or sometimes thousands of years.

Like earth, the land is a variety of hills, plains, valleys, deserts, canyons, forests, wilderness and glaciers.  Rivers and lakes that cut through the Rift supply freshwater for the inhabitants.  Plants flourish in the fertile soil.  Rain falls from the blue skies.  Dew covers the green grass.

However, the oceans that surround the Great Rift are red, the river that cuts through the southern canyon a deep purple.  Mountains are made of rocks, diamonds, gemstones and crystals.  Trees and shrubs have leaves that are packed with nutrition and turn a variety of colors depending on the region and day part.

The Great Rift is made of seven distinct regions, the borders clearly defined by natural barriers.  Each region was designed by God for a specific species.  He created the barriers to keep the species in their own regions so they would not wipe each other out.  Although it is possible for one type of animal to cross into another region, it goes against their instincts to travel to any land outside of their native home.

The more aggressive in each species defy those instincts and battle the barriers, driven by a need to conquer other animals and expand their territory.  But the dragons guard the lush land in the middle of the region.  They are the kings and queens of the land, and no animal from the north or the south has ever penetrated their borders.

The normal environment of Zandador is tropical in nature.  The average temperature holds between 70-80 degrees with no humidity.  The sun shines for 12 hours a day:  it rises at precisely 6am, peaks at noon and sets at precisely 6pm throughout Zandador.  Light begins at 5 and ends at 7.  In the south and north, it shines between 10 (rising at 7, setting at 5) and 16 hours (rising at 5, setting at 9).

The rain forests in Keckrick have consistent rainfall; the rains flow through in a circular pattern on a 36-hour cycle (begins in the ocean, swirls through the land, dies down around the canyon, picks up steam in the ocean).  It is a lush land with many trees and plants that sustain wildlife well.  Temperatures stay around 65 degrees.

The plains in Varzack are much hotter and range from 70-100 degrees from October –March and cool down to 40-60 degrees from April through September.  The purple rains come once a year in October.  It fills the canyon and keeps the people hydrated and the plants alive year-round.

Tirza is also a hot, dry land in the summer with temps ranging from 80-120 from April – September.  But from October – March, it is a cold, wet land with temps ranging from 0-50 degrees.  The volcanoes erupt once every three weeks.  Water spews out of the volcanoes and cuts through the land, supplying water to the farms and filling the main lake.  In the colder months, the water turns to snow and ice, creating severe, deadly storms.

The Thickets of Gibbet hold steady between 50 and 70 degrees year round.  The glaciers at the tip of Xyies supply them with a steady source of water.  It rarely rains in Gibbet, but when it does, the storm lasts for weeks.

Outside the caverns in Xyies, the temperatures are a frigid -30 to 0 degrees; inside the naturally heated caverns, the temperature is a pleasant 60-70 degrees.

In the Land of No Return, the wind constantly blows, snow constantly falls and the temperature never gets above 0 degrees. Or so it is believed. No one who has been to the Land of No Return has, of course, never returned.

God chose one man to work with the dragons to create the portal and lead the animals through.  That man was Japheth, Noah’s youngest son.               

Japheth was the protector of the eight dragon eggs on the ark.  Once the Stalkers hatched, he collected one of each kind by riding it just a few weeks after each was born and strong enough to carry a human. 

But he would not be able to keep them for long as Earth was no longer a safe environment.  It thus became his mission to get the dragons and the rest of the endangered animals to the Great Rift. 

To hear that exciting story, you’ll have to wait for the Origin Trilogy, coming once the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga is complete.