As fantasy author DK Drake, my mission is to bring you entertaining, engaging, wholesome adventures too packed with action to leave room for eye-rolling sappiness or mind-numbing fluff.
As a creative writing coach, my mission is to help authors find their voice, craft captivating stories, and finish book after book.

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Dragon Profiles

MERTZER, Dusk Stalker Name:  Mertzer Type:  Dusk Stalker Birthdate:  Born on August 12 in Zandadorian year of 3533 during Lancert the Destroyer’s Reign Current Age:  667 Status:  Wild Dragon Residence:  Lives free in Dusk Stalker Territory in southeast Zandador Personality:  Self-reliant, wise, confident, compassionate, loyal to the core Favorite Foods:  Gorzelles and strawberries Biggest Fear:  The […]

October 15, 2020

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