The Dragon collector

DRAGONS EXIST? And he must collect how many of them to dethrone the absurdly powerful evil king and free the people of Zandador?

Fifteen-year-old Javan believes he is simply an ordinary orphan abandoned by his mother at birth—until he is whisked away to another dimension and his destiny as the chosen one from the Collector Bloodline is revealed.

Armed only with an ancient weapon, a trio of old advisors, and his determination to win, Javan is soon caught up in a dangerous Battle for the Throne.

Now his choices could save—or destroy—the people and dragons of Zandador, including the mother he just met.

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the dragon stalker bloodlines saga

The Dragon hunter

Will his quest end with a dragon…or death?

Micah, a strong soldier from the Hunter Bloodline and son of the Dark King, is on a mission to stop Javan the Dragon Collector by hunting the four types of Dragon Stalkers before Javan can complete his collection.

Micah is one of the youngest men to ever enter the Battle of the Throne, and he proudly fights to keep his father, King Omri, in power. But when he is transported to unfamiliar territory with his rival Javan, his fight becomes one of survival and can only end when he wins another dragon or loses his own life.

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The Dragon protector

Can she crack the code and save the baby dragons?

Taliya has never opened the portal to Earth before.
But if she can’t crack the indecipherable code and get the dragon eggs to Earth, they won’t hatch.
If they don’t hatch, Javan can’t complete his dragon collection.
If Javan can’t complete his collection, he’ll lose the Battle of the Throne.
If he loses the Battle, King Omri will extend his oppressive rule, and all Dragon Stalkers will become extinct.
The hope of Zandador and the life of all Dragon Stalkers thus rests on her young shoulders.
Will she rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure?

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