The Official Online Fantasy World of Author D.K. Drake

Adjuster by Day

By day, I work as a claims adjuster for a car insurance company, so when people get in an accident, they call me.

I listen to their stories, determine who caused or contributed to the accident, and issue checks accordingly so people can get their cars fixed.

Storyteller by Night

Then at night once the house is quiet and the kids are in bed (I live with two of my sisters, and we have five foster kiddos ranging in age from two months to six years), I get about an hour or so of solid storytelling time in.

And that’s why it takes me so LOOOOONNNNNGGGG to finish a novel. My writing time is limited, which also means I’m not going to be able to complete The Dragon Destroyer in 2020 like I originally intended. Plus it’s been a tough story to figure out, but the wait will be worth it once it’s finally ready for you to read in (hopefully) 2021!

Athlete and Adventurer

The more I write about fantasy adventures, the more excited I become
about living my own real adventures as both an athlete and world traveler.

MISSION #1: Race the States

After college, I decided to do something I thought was impossible for me: run a marathon. I conquered that mighty task and have since competed in several ultra-marathons, a handful of marathons, and dozens of races ranging from 5ks to half marathons.
I am currently on a mission to compete in some sort of race in every state (13 down, 37 to go!) and eventually every continent. Except Antarctica. I am NOT a fan of frigid temperatures and am always ready when spring arrives each year!

MISSION #2: Experience Australia

My favorite trip of all time was to Costa Rica. While there, I had the chance to go white water rafting, ziplining, hiking around volcanoes, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, and more.
I also had a blast in Italy in the summer of 2018 and am looking forward to an Australian adventure in 2021, an adventure that was supposed to happen in 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID craziness.
Those are grand adventures that I cherish, but I also love the little fun things I get to do with my family and friends. We enjoy things like running in crazy races that test our sanity, biking down mountains, hiking, swimming, roasting marshmallows over bonfires, and playing at the park.

MISSION #3: Earn My Black Belt in Karate

My newest endeavor is to earn my black belt in Karate.  So far I have reached the white belt level and am working towards my yellow belt.