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Fantasy Fiction Friday

November 25, 2022

Fantasy Fiction Friday: Chapter 20 of The Dragon Collector


Author DK Drake Reads Chapter 20 of The Dragon Collector, an Action Adventure Fantasy

In today’s Fantasy Fiction Friday episode, I’m coming at you with chapter 20 of The Dragon Collector, book one of the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga.

Before I wrote this chapter, I created a historical timeline of all the kings of Zandador.  The timeline has their names, what bloodline they are from, and how long they reigned as king.  You can check it out below if you want to see it for yourself.

Another thing I had to know before writing this chapter was the history behind the bloodlines themselves.  How did the factions develop?  What is the underlying mission of each faction?  The questions Javan asks in this chapter are questions I asked myself while building my world.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of action.  As I was reading back through this, I chastised myself for the way I wrote this story.  I’m telling myself to get to the action already.  But this was my first fantasy novel, and I got better about showing rather than telling as this story moves along and in the two books that follow.

Speaking of those two books—The Dragon Hunter and The Dragon Protector—they are going on Cyber Monday sale starting tomorrow, November 26 through next Friday, December 2.  The sale is a kindle countdown deal on Amazon, so that means you’ll be able to get the best price for the first few days, and then the price increases by a buck every few days until the sale ends on Dec 2.   

Take advantage of the Cyber Monday sale and snag one or all of the Dragon Stalker books here.

The Dragon Collector isn’t on sale, but since the starting price is already at .99, I didn’t reduce that price.  Now with this Cyber Monday sale, you can get all three ebooks for less than three bucks, and that deal will last through the end of the day on Monday.  Then the price increases for books one and two on Tuesday.

Enough chit chat.  Hit play to listen to episode 20 now!

The timeline of the Kings and Queens of the Great Rift in the Land of Zandador.


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