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Fantasy Fiction Friday

November 18, 2022

Fantasy Fiction Friday: Chapter 19 of The Dragon Collector


Author DK Drake Reads Chapter 19 of The Dragon Collector, a YA Fantasy Novel

Ready for a fun Fantasy Fiction Friday episode?  Moving forward on Fridays, I’ll be reading you snippets of The Dragon Collector, book one of the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga, and sharing behind the scenes insider secrets along the way.

In The Dragon Collector, fifteen-year-old Javan believes he is simply an ordinary orphan abandoned by his mother at birth–until he is whisked away to another dimension and his destiny as the chosen one from the Collector Bloodline is revealed.

Armed only with an ancient weapon, a trio of old advisors, and his determination to win, Javan is soon caught up in a dangerous Battle for the Throne.

Now his choices could save–or destroy–the people and dragons of Zandador, including the mother he just met.

Today we’re picking up in chapter 19 where we left off after the 21 days of storytelling episode blitz.  Remember that Javan is learning the history of Zandador from his grandfather cause this dragon dimension thing is new to him considering the fact he grew up on earth.

When I wrote this chapter years ago, I broke the classic rule of “show, don’t tell.”  I thus do a lot of telling in this chapter, and it’s not very adventurous.  I find it interesting, though, and it lays the foundation for the Origin Trilogy I have planned once the Saga is complete.  

Hopefully you find the world of Dragon Stalkers interesting as well.  Let’s get to it!

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