As fantasy author DK Drake, my mission is to bring you entertaining, engaging, wholesome adventures too packed with action to leave room for eye-rolling sappiness or mind-numbing fluff.
As a creative writing coach, my mission is to help authors find their voice, craft captivating stories, and finish book after book.

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Newsy Tuesday

November 10, 2020

November News

“She’s not the easy-to-hate person I thought she was.”


Kindle Countdown Deal

  • On November 24, The Dragon Hunter will be free for ONE DAY ONLY!
  • On November 25, just in time for Thanksgiving, The Dragon Protector will go on sale for $.99, then gradually work its way back up to regular price over the long holiday weekend.

Destroyer Update

Krystyn is a Controversial Character

When I first started working on Krystyn’s story, I had a difficult time because I simply didn’t like her character.  But now that I’ve spent a year getting to know her, she’s not the easy-to-hate person I thought she was.  As a matter of fact, she’s intriguing. 

I have come to understand why she wants to destroy dragons (even though I don’t agree with her philosophy that all dragons must die!), and strangely enough, I find myself wanting to root for her.

However, I’m also rooting for Javan as I really want him to complete his collection and win the throne.

In other words, the storyline is developing in ways I didn’t expect, and it’s turning into one wild, fun, exciting adventure!

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